Comprised of a team of community organizers, Ground Up Communications is a Los Angeles based community engagement firm committed to building a more economically inclusive and sustainable city. We develop and direct campaigns built around:  

Housing and Infrastructure

Engaging local communities before city approval is sought is responsible and often a necessary part of the process. We work with residents to ensure all voices are heard through written correspondence, email submissions, and verbal testimony.

Political Campaigns

It is critical we elect the officials who best represent their constituents and boldly address their city's needs.

Issue Awareness and Education

Through a variety of creative and proven tactics, we ensure the target audience is aware and involved.

We build relationships through in-person conversation, data acquisition, and coordinated persistence.

We ensure the message is clearly delivered, received, and supported at a local level. We target our audience, rapidly mobilize teams, and effectively engage the public. This ensures that the communities response to a given project is reflective of actual community sentiments, than the bully force usually met within infrastructural conversations.

When people know, they care, and when they care, they support. We ensure neighbors know.

What We've Done


Ground Up Communications