Ground Up Communications: a Community Engagement Company


Comprised of a team of community organizers, Ground Up Communications is a Los Angeles based community engagement firm committed to building a more economically inclusive and sustainable city. We develop and direct campaigns built around:  

  • Housing and Infrastructure 
    • Engaging local communities before city approval is sought is responsible and often a necessary part of the process. We work with residents to ensure all voices are heard and the communities response is reflected. 
  • Political Campaigns
    • It is critical we elect the officials who best represent their constituents and boldly address their city's needs.
  • Issue Awareness and Education
    • Through a variety of creative and proven tactics, we ensure the target audience is aware and involved.

We build relationships through in-person conversation, data acquisition, and coordinated persistence. We ensure our partner's client’s message is well received and supported at a local level through our built relationships. We target our client’s audience, rapidly mobilize teams, and effectively engage the public to organize and help produce: 

  • Verbal testimony
  • Public demonstrations
  • Signed Petitions
  • Emails, letters, and phone calls 
  • Votes
  • Whatever is needed to accomplish the goal and improve our community

Supportive constituents we've made contact with in Los Angeles: